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No one likes to experience pain in their wisdom teeth. But often, these teeth need to be removed by your local dentist. Most times, it’s a fairly simple procedure that can be done quickly. Understanding what goes into this surgical procedure can help prepare you for your wisdom teeth removal and its cost in Greenwich.

What to Expect from Your Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Manhattan

Wisdom teeth removals are common. While some people can go their whole lives without having their wisdom teeth removed, others need them pulled. Infection, nerve pain, and damage to surrounding teeth are the most popular reasons that people have their wisdom teeth removed. Whatever the reason, wisdom teeth removal often improves your oral health.

There are 4 Different Types of Wisdom Teeth Removals:

  • No Impaction: The wisdom tooth is showing above jawbone and gums.
  • Soft Tissue Impaction: The gums cover the teeth. Sometimes your dentist needs to cut a flap into the gum to expose the wisdom tooth for extraction.
  • Partial Bony Impaction: Part of the wisdom tooth’s crown is trapped in the jawbone. Your dentist must cut away the gum and remove a small amount of the jawbone to extract the tooth. The wisdom tooth may need to be sectioned (cut) for removal.
  • Complete Bony Impaction: the tooth is surrounded by a jawbone that needs to be removed to expose the wisdom tooth for extraction.

What you can expect during your wisdom tooth removal depends on the type of extraction. Typically, you show up to your dental appointment and receive anesthesia for the procedure. If you choose to have dental sedation, then you’ll receive it at this time. 

Simple extractions involve a couple of small cuts in the gum before your dentist performs the wisdom tooth removal. With impacted teeth, your dentist will need to cut into your gum (and if necessary, shave away some of your jaw bone) to remove your wisdom teeth. Occasionally, your dentist will need to break apart your wisdom tooth before removing it.

Risks for Wisdom Teeth Removal 

You’ll experience some swelling after the extraction that you can treat with ice and heat. And you’ll need to rinse your mouth with salt water after eating and before bed. But even when you follow all of your dentist’s advice, there are still some wisdom teeth removals costly risks. 

Dry sockets are the most common complication that happens after your wisdom tooth removal. It happens when a clot fails to form properly in your socket. The side effects are pain and bad breath. And you’ll need to visit your doctor for treatment. Usually, your local dentist will place medication into the socket. 

Paresthesia, though rare, can happen if you experience nerve damage during your wisdom teeth extraction. Patients with paresthesia have lasting numbness that can be permanent. 

Dental Sedation and Wisdom Teeth Removal

You don’t need impacted wisdom teeth to get dental sedation. If visiting your dentist makes you anxious, you have a lot of options available to put you at ease. With sedation dentistry, you can receive gas, oral, IV sedation to help reduce your anxiety during your wisdom teeth removal. Depending on the level of sedation, you’ll stay relaxed during the procedure, and you may not even remember most of it.

How Much Does Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost? 

Your wisdom teeth removal cost depends on the type of extraction you need. If your teeth aren’t impacted, then it’s usually between $775-$1050 per wisdom tooth extraction. With impacted wisdom teeth, the cost increases further per tooth extraction, typically costing approximately $1050 per tooth extraction. This is due to the increased complexity of the procedure. 

Where Can I Find Wisdom Tooth Removal Near Me?

If your wisdom teeth are causing you pain, you don’t need to suffer through it. And waiting can actually worsen your condition. Get the treatment you need at Advanced Dental Arts. We’re a top-rated, New York City-based dental practice located near New York University. Our dynamic team of board-certified dental specialists is standing by to help you with your wisdom tooth removal.

Whether you’re looking for an NYC dental practice near you that takes Cigna, Aetna, Delta, or any other dental insurance, contact us and ask about our emergency dentistry services today!

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