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There are lots of periodontics treatments to choose from in NYC. But very few of them have a board-certified Periodontist on staff. At ADA, that’s what we offer: Trusted Professionals with exceptional talent who will safely provide the oral care you need. Specifically, you’ll benefit from the use of FDA approved laser technology that provides unbelievable results.

Our office offers LANAP (laser assisted new attachment procedure). Our expert periodontics office in NYC makes it possible to save your smile from gum disease without cutting. And without sutures!

What is Gum Disease?

Gum disease starts as gingivitis. Gingivitis is the inflammation of your gums with mild bleeding (usually with brushing). It’s usually accompanied by bad breath (halitosis) and red or swollen gums. And for the most part, people experience little or no discomfort. And for the most part, it’s usually reversible with good oral home care and professional care.

The next, more advanced stage of gum disease is periodontal disease or untreated gingivitis. With time, plaque spreads below the gum line, creating a chronic inflammatory response. It destroys gum tissue and the bone that supports the teeth. Gums separate from the teeth, forming pockets (spaces between the teeth and gums). These pockets become infected.

Eventually, teeth become loose and may have to be removed.

Signs and symptoms of Gum Disease include:

  • Red swollen gums
  • Bleeding gums with brushing
  • Recession of gums
  • Loose teeth
  • Halitosis (bad breath)
  • A change in the way your teeth fit together

Advanced Gum Treatments

Breakthrough LANAP Treatment

LANAP stands for Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure. It’s the very first and only FDA approved method for treating serious gum infections that could eventually damage and destroy your gums and bone structure. But you can easily avoid painful surgery and regenerate your smile with our cutting-edge laser therapy.

Thanks to LANAP, we can help our Manhattan patients avoid gum surgery. And they can finally see a more dramatic recovery following their treatment. Read more about LANAP and our laser dentistry services.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP)

Did you know that your own blood plasma help you fight off periodontal disease more effectively? That’s why we use your own plasma to trigger accelerated healing. The results speak for themselves: superior healing after extractions/gum surgery.

Pinhole Technique

This approach corrects gum recession in one easy step with no blades or sutures. See immediate results with little or no discomfort.

Bone and Gum Grafting

As gum disease creeps further under the gumlines, it causes tissues to detach from the tooth. Ultimately, this can make tooth stability a challenge. If necessary, we can restore some of these structures with a graft and remove excessive tissues that make the area difficult to clean.

Crown Lengthening For Gummy Smiles

In some cases, a smile may show too much gum and too little teeth. When this happens, we can use a laser to remove the excess gums. In as quickly as an hour, your smile can dramatically change!

Our board-certified periodontist has an additional three years of formal education on top of his degree in dentistry. There’s no better assurance when you’re at risk of losing your teeth to disease.

If you’re experiencing symptoms of periodontitis, call us today! Be sure to ask about other dental services we offer including Invisalign!

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