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Our founder, Dr. Todd Bertman, has been practicing dentistry for almost 20 years.

Todd had a vision: to create a dental practice that would house specialists from all areas of dentistry in one location.

That vision has not only materialized, but it has also grown and transformed over time into something much greater than the team had anticipated.

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Photo of Dr. Han Lyu performing dental work on a patient
A Vision Come True

Today, we work with various renowned and board-certified dental practitioners

  • Dr. Han Lyu, a prosthodontist (smile specialist),
  • Dr. Michael Abrams, an orthodontist and periodontist,
  • Dr. Anne Korkis and Dr. Katie Nemirovsky, who practice general dentistry,
  • Dr. Elbert Kim, an endodontist who focuses on treating the pulp of the teeth,
  • Dr. Jeff Danner, a sleep apnea and TMJ specialist,
  • Dr. Paul Zeylikman, a self-proclaimed “big-kid”  and our pediatric dentist,
  • Dr. Marina Gonchar, a board-certified orthodontist, specializing in perfecting smiles, and most recently,
  • Dr. Kayvan Fathimani, a world-renowned oral surgeon.

Our work wouldn’t be possible without our outstanding dental hygienists:

  • Carly Determan,
  • Tatyana Ruzhinskaya,
  • Jahnaylea Carrillo, and
  • Gloria Vasquez.
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