Dentures & Denture Repair

A prosthodontist is an expert is restoration and replacement of teeth. Advanced Dental Arts in New York has you covered with a prosthodontist who can give you back the highest level of function and cosmetic appeal for your smile. Some reasons to consider our selection of denture options include:

  • Tooth loss
  • Traumatic oral injury
  • Replacing all of your teeth at one time
  • Economical savings
  • Sagging facial muscles and profile due to tooth and bone loss

Partial or Complete?

Partial dentures may be recommended by our prosthodontist for restoration of your smile when some natural teeth can be retained. Partial dentures serve an aesthetic purpose while also helping to maintain the alignment of the remaining natural teeth so they don’t shift out of place.

Complete or full dentures are typically recommended when all natural teeth need replacing, whether in your upper or lower arch.

Restoring Confidence with Dentures

In certain cases, dentures can be retained and secured with traditional or mini dental implants. Implant secured dentures allow you to avoid the use of bothersome adhesives and give you a close fit that keeps you confident all day long.

Whether you need partial or complete dentures, our prosthodontist is here to give life back to your smile. We often take for granted the ease with which we typically eat and speak, until we struggle with these tasks due to tooth loss. Properly customized dentures can make eating and speaking easy and enjoyable activities again. They also contribute to a younger looking profile so that the shape of your face doesn’t change due to tooth loss. The board-certified prosthodontist at Advanced Dental Arts can customize your prosthesis to look like your natural teeth.

Denture Care and Repair

At-home hygiene practices are important to prevent infection. Daily rinsing and soft brushing to remove food and debris will help your dentures stay clean of buildup and stain. Follow-up care to check the health of your mouth and to monitor proper fit of your dentures is equally important. If you need an adjustment, just let us know! Call Advanced Dental Arts today to schedule a denture consultation with our prosthodontist.

If you have missing teeth, be sure to also ask about dental bridges.