Teeth Whitening – Sapphire LED Light Array

By December 25, 2010 February 13th, 2019 Cosmetic Dentistry

A date, a birthday, a graduation, a wedding, a photoshoot…there are infinite reasons why patients may want a quick professional teeth whitening. 

The good news? We can do that.

Sapphire™ will get you whiter teeth in just one visit!

Sapphire is a unique tooth whitening system that uses an LED light array delivery system combined with a gentle whitening gel to safely lighten and brighten your teeth.

Sapphire provides:

  • The most advanced whitening technology available
  • Dramatic results in just one visit
  • Affordable rates
  • Results that last for years
  • Free consultation
  • Guaranteed lightening results

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How does it work?

1. Protecting Your Gums – The Opal Dam

Your gum tissues are first covered and protected by a special flexible material called opal dam. This acts like a raincoat to the tissues to prevent them from a possible chemical reaction or burn.

2. A Little H2O2 Never Hurt Nobody

Then, a hydrogen peroxide gel is carefully applied to the teeth from premolar to premolar. If the width of your smile enables us to safely lighten back to the molar teeth, we will also lighten them. At 20 minute intervals the hydrogen peroxide gel is removed, and a fresh layer is applied.

3. Beam of State-of-the-Art Light

Each layer of gel is light activated by the bright, blue-gas plasma wave light. It is positioned directly over your smile and, in essence, is responsible for activating the whitening process.

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Dr. Todd Bertman

Dr. Todd Bertman

Renowned NYC dentist Todd Bertman, DMD, has over 18 years of experience in the dental industry. In addition to membership in the American Dental Association, Dr. Bertman is also a member of the New York County Dental Association and the New York State Dental Association. He is certified as a Level I and II Invisalign practitioner, and belongs to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the World Clinical Laser Institute, and the IALD (Institute for Advanced Laser and Dentistry). Dr. Bertman is dedicated to learning about the latest advanced dental procedures and making them to his patients.

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