Invisalign Day at Advanced Dental Arts NYC

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Our Invisalign Day was a great success in the office! Several new patients took advantage of it…

Invisalign is a great option for those that want to dramatically improve their smiles and do not want to wear the typical traditional metal braces. Invisalign allows patients to make orthodontic changes in their smile without drawing attention to it. It is fast and precise. The average case is completed in 6 months to a year. Clear aligners are fabricated using the best technology gently moving teeth into its desired position typically changing the aligners every week. Not everyone is an ideal candidate for this therapy, but after a quick evaluation, we can determine eligibility.

Personally, I have been practicing Invisalign since 2002 (0ver 16 years) with tremendous success and a lot of fun. There are other clear aligner therapies out there that have come and gone, none of which has had the same success and predictability. Additionally, other companies which are 1/3 of the price (and double the problems) have many issues- that’s a conversation for another time.

Invisalign Process at ADA

My office (and patients) enjoys the advantage of the Itero to aid us through this process. Itero is a great way to take digital impressions avoiding that goopy material which tastes awful (I can attest to that) and it saves time! Itero is essentially a digital camera that takes several thousand of pics instantly creating a 3d model of your teeth and gums in real-time. Itero allows you to see what your teeth can look like – within minutes- when they are straight and aligned. AKA a simulation of your new smile;)

I then send the send the data to Invisalign with a prescription of what we want and in days we receive the computer graphic representation (AKA Clincheck) back and review your case, together.

If we don’t like it, we make changes until we do, and the custom aligners are then fabricated using a process called stereolithography or form of 3d printing. They are sent to us within 2 weeks and start creating that new smile of yours!

If you’re interested to see if you’re a candidate or just have any questions, give us a call! Or you can learn more about Invisalign here!

Dr. Todd Bertman

Dr. Todd Bertman

Renowned NYC dentist Todd Bertman, DMD, has over 18 years of experience in the dental industry. In addition to membership in the American Dental Association, Dr. Bertman is also a member of the New York County Dental Association and the New York State Dental Association. He is certified as a Level I and II Invisalign practitioner, and belongs to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the World Clinical Laser Institute, and the IALD (Institute for Advanced Laser and Dentistry). Dr. Bertman is dedicated to learning about the latest advanced dental procedures and making them to his patients.

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