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Do you have “white spots” on your teeth?

Or worse, brown spots!? Many people do.

In the past the treatment was invasive, and included extensive drilling and veneers – not to mention cost. However, there are new methods that allow us to treat these spots effectively and affordably!  But, here’s the exciting part… NO Drilling. Yes, I said it folks.

Why No Drill, You Ask?

I can treat these spots that have been there forever without a drill. Those of you familiar with this problem are familiar with the frustration of having tried different whitening products/ toothpastes/ flourides etc with minimal to no results. The white spots that I’m referring to (and some brown spots) are generally due to the following…

Fluorosis, which are white spots in the enamel that has developed as a result of over exposure of fluoride as a child. Trauma to adult teeth, resulting in white spots. And, lastly which is a common occurrence are the unsightly white spots on the teeth of patients that have completed orthodontic treatment (after the removal of brackets). So, after years of straightening those teeth, the day has finally come to remove those brackets… Your amazed because they look straight BUT.. what are these white spots?!

So how does this work?

This process is based on an infiltration method. First the tooth is etched with a gel. This creates a porous enamel so that the infiltrant—a highly fluid resin can be applied. Through a capillary action it is absorbed into the tooth and then cured with a blue light. This does 2 things. First, it blends into the enamel creating an esthetically pleasing result and secondly it blocks the penetration of cariogenic acids. In other words, it prevents cavities from forming! Additionally, it can stop a small cavity from forming into something larger, without drilling! Thats right, i said it again! Exciting stuff

If you would like to benefit from this new form of treatment, give us a call today.
Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and best in the new year!

Dr. Bertman


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