Comfortable Dental Extractions

Our multi-specialist dentists are the experts on saving and restoring your smile. But sometimes, having a tooth removed is in the best interest of your health, comfort, and long-term dental needs.

Does My Tooth Need to be Pulled?

Pulling a tooth may be necessary if you are experiencing:

  • Severe gum disease, including tooth mobility
  • An emergency, such as a broken or cracked tooth
  • Acute and persistent pain
  • Undergoing full mouth rehabilitation with dental implants or dentures

What to Expect

Your comfort comes first. Therefore we have a variety of sedation options available including nitrous, oral sedation, or even IV sedation with a licensed anesthesiologist.

After Your Procedure

Replacing your missing tooth can prevent your other teeth from moving or drifting out of place. Our dentists and specialists provide a number of restorative options such as dental implants, bridges, and even dentures. We’ll work with you prior to the extraction to create a care plan that meets your specific priorities and needs.

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