Part of keeping you and your family’s smiles healthy is having access to routine care from a quality provider. Our team of general dentists put your needs and priorities first, which is why our initial consultation is free and comprehensive—feel free to ask your doctor any questions or concerns you may have. Be as thorough as you feel is necessary; no question is a dumb question. 

Dental Cleaning

Your Oral Health is Connected to Your Overall Health

Dental Cleaning is an integral part of your oral health—which means it’s an imperative component of your overall health.  During a cleaning, a registered dental hygienist will examine your mouth, checking for lesions, infections, and complete an oral cancer screening.

Next comes the fun part—the actual cleaning, which consists of a much more thorough cleaning that you can get with any toothbrush, mouthwash, and flossing (all of which you should be doing on a daily basis, anyway).

Goodbye Bacteria and Tartar!

This process removes bacteria and tartar buildup from your teeth, leaving your mouth feeling clean, less prone to infection, and improves your overall health. We will also do a slight polishing of your chompers at the end to remove any small stains, and leave your teeth white and shiny. 

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Preventive Dental Care

The vast majority of serious dental issues can be avoided with proper preventative screenings. We recommend getting a check-up every 6 months (the check-up should include the cleaning described above).

Your Smile Today, Your Smile Tomorrow

Our dentists and hygienists work together with you to craft realistic short- and long-term goals for your future smile and overall health. You may have a perfectly healthy mouth, and not require any specific treatment. If that’s the case, and your concern is purely cosmetic, then speaking to your dentist about cosmetic dentistry solutions is your next step. Some issues that are detected during the preventive check-up can be addressed on-the-spot, while other will require a follow-up visit and a longer term plan.

Fear Not! We Can Fix It!

Fortunately, all of these can be successfully treated with modern dental technology (of which, by the way, we have a ton of). For gum disease, for example we have advanced soft tissue laser technology, which not only erases the “long tooth” signs of gum-disease-causing bacteria, but also promotes the healthy growth cells that keep your teeth in place.