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Endodontics Dentistry

Finding the Root Cause


Endodontists specialize in the treatment of the dental pulp or the center of the tooth and the tissues surrounding the roots of the tooth.

There are several procedures that are performed by the endodontist to save the patient's tooth when the decay or infection has advanced.

The most common procedure done by our endodontist is root canal therapy. This procedure allows the doctor to remove the infected nerve, disinfect the canal, and seal everything up so that the problem does not reoccur.

We use digital technology to ensure the procedure is done completely and accurately at the time so that our patients are alleviated from pain and swelling quickly. Often it is required to have a crown placed on the tooth after the root canal procedure is completed. Our practice offers our patients the unique opportunity to have this all done in one day because we have our specialist in house.

The two doctors are able to work side by side to get this done accurately and efficiently.

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