Reggie Mars

Thank you so much Advanced Dental Arts! My root canal and crown lengthening procedure went extremely well. I could not be happier! From the moment I arrived, Kyla greeted me with a warm smile after going the extra mile to coordinate scheduling for my visit, and Gloria immediately put my mind at ease by explaining the procedures in detail, answering all of my questions and standing by my side the entire time. Dr. Kim performed my root canal flawlessly, while constantly checking in to make sure I experienced no pain or discomfort. Dr. Iyman completed my crown lengthening like a true pro. Finally, Dr. Bertman skillfully and artfully prepped my tooth for a crown. Looking forward to receiving the permanent crown in a couple weeks. Truly impressed by this amazing team! Highly recommended! Thanks again!

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29 Nov 2023

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07 Sep 2023

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29 Aug 2023

Advanced Dental Arts Sponsors Inspiring Initiative

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